On my previous blog, this series has always been a crowd favourite. There’s something fun about seeing how others spend their money, right? I know I’m a big fan of Millennial Money on YouTube and Money Diaries from Refinery29

As a big fan, I feel I should do my part and share my money diary. I used to do this on a weekly basis but found it too overwhelming so I dropped down to a monthly diary instead. When I share my money diaries, I also don’t include my mortgage or student loan payments or how much I contribute to my investments but I’m considering including mortgage and student loan repayments in the future! Perhaps, in my 2022 diaries? 

Without further ado, here is my money diary for October 2021!

Some things to consider when looking at this table: I rarely buy groceries because Dan covers our runs. I will cover the occasional groceries. No matter how small, any purchases related to restaurants, coffee shops, etc. is automatically classified under “Take Out”.

DateMerchantTotal CostCategoryComments
October 1Strata$258.03Housing
October 1Roger’s Mastercard$100.00Bills
October 1Soon Coffee$5.08Take Out
October 1Soon Coffee$50.00Gifts
October 1Costco$63.00Gifts
October 1iParty Dollar Store$1.12Gifts
October 3Steam$55.99Entertainment
October 5Coast Capital$3.40Fees
October 7Amex Travel$1,302.34EntertainmentVegas trip for Dan’s birthday!
October 8Fido$44.80Bills
October 888 Supermarket$108.12GroceriesThanksgiving dinner.
October 8ICBC$75.00FeesHad to renew my driver’s license, ugh.
October 8TransLink$10.00Transportation
October 8McDonald’s$6.08Take Out
October 9Canada Goose$500.00GiftsMy dad really wanted a Canada Goose jacket so we agreed to split the cost 50/50. This is going to be his Christmas gift!
October 9Interact$1.50Fees
October 10Soon Coffee$10.05Take Out
October 12Cineplex$25.01Entertainment
October 13AliExpress$28.44Shopping
October 14American Express$10.00Fees
October 15Roger’s Mastercard$100.00Bills
October 15Sushi Garden$51.14Take Out
October 15Pixel Scrapper$31.75Personal
October 16Spotify$17.91Entertainment
October 16WannaDo Beauty$48.30PersonalThis was my birthday facial, haha.
October 16Chatime$5.57Take Out
October 17McDonald’s$12.90Take Out
October 19Vancouver Christmas Market$33.77EntertainmentWe go every year as an anniversary gift since this event was our 2nd date. They had an early bird special.
October 20Netflix$16.79Entertainment
October 20Square One Insurance$24.03Housing
October 23Sushi Garden$35.06Take Out
October 23Justin Stitches$62.72Gifts
October 23CoCo Fresh Tea$11.66Take Out
October 24Buck or Two Plus$6.42Take Out
October 26Evo$7.90Transportation
October 27BC Ferries$104.70TransportationChristmas travels!
October 28Amazon$29.83Groceries
October 29Tim Horton’s$3.97Take Out
October 30Downlow Chicken$62.49Take Out
October 30Winners$17.51Shopping
Total:$ 3,342.38

Personal reflections: Honestly, not the best month for me. I was NOT expecting to spend this much this month and I was a bit disappointed because I did plan to use this month’s 3rd paycheck (I get paid bi-weekly) to put towards my student loans but ended up just making additional purchases, haha. I’m not blaming anyone or any particular situation – I agreed to make these purchases. A lot of it was purchased in preparation for the holidays such as gifts and travels because it was cheaper now than later, and some required months in advance of booking (looking at you BC Ferries!). 

The Amex travel is for our trip little getaway to Vegas. It’s a birthday gift for Dan and he’s also never been to Vegas either. We just miss travelling so much! 

Next month, I plan to do better!

With love, Claire

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