Ah, the year I spent mostly being pregnant! I debated writing up a fashion diary for 2023 since I lived in 5 pieces of maternity clothes and, towards the end, in Dan’s sweatpants and t-shirts, but I didn’t want to skip out on a year of fashion.

When it soon became clear that I no longer fit my usual clothes, I did a bit of shopping for maternity clothes. I knew I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a temporary wardrobe so I opted to do some thrifting (which is really a hit or miss) and shopping on Shein. I committed myself to stop shopping at Shein but knew I needed to save as much money as possible for 2024 when I’ll be on maternity leave for most of the year. So, unfortunately, the majority of the maternity clothes you’ll see are from Shein.


Tank top: H&M (size S)

Skirt: Ardene (out of stock)

Boots: Shein

Blazer: Aritzia Babaton (size US 6)

Blazer: Banana Republic (size 00)

Blouse: Shein (size XS)

Jeans: Levi’s 721 Skinny Jeans (size US 26)

Combat Boots: Christian Dior


Tracksuit: Costco!


Maternity dress: Shein (size US S)


Linen dress: Taobao

Bag: Loewe Amazona 19

Shoes: Crocs

Linen Dress: Taobao

Men’s Button up shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren (size US XS)

Dress: Shein Maternity Dress

Bag: Loewe Amazona 19


White shirt: Shein (size S)

Overalls: Shein (size S)

Bag: Loewe Amazona 19

Shoes: Birkenstocks Arizona


Dress: Shein Maternity Dress (size S)

Blazer: Aritzia Babaton (size US 6)

Dress: Taobao

Trench Coat: Gap (size S)

Bag: Fossil Kyler Satchel

Shoes: Crocs


Dress: Shein (size S)

Blazer: Aritzia Babaton (size US 6)

Bag: YSL Niki Baby

Jumpsuit: Shein

Plaid Shacket: Shein


Blazer: H&M (size S)

Top: Banana Republic

Pants: Lululemon


Top: AliExpress (size S)

Blazer: Zara (size XS)

Pants: Lululemon

Bag: Tory Burch Radziwill Double Bag

Thoughts? 2023 was a great year in fashion for me! Why? I took the year to build up my capsule/curated wardrobe. I had a year to research and plan what I wanted, and during my nesting periods, I donated a lot of clothes. Since I knew I wanted to do a wardrobe overhaul in 2024, 2023 allowed me to save some money, and fine-tune my style.

I know I purchased a lot of Shein Maternity wear but I felt like I chose classics which would allow me to re-wear them again when we plan to have our second child. A few of the dresses and jumpsuits don’t even look like a maternity item so I incorporated them into my daily wardrobe. Again, not trying to support Shein but I understand that money can get tight when a little one is in the picture!

*Disclaimer: Some items are affiliated links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to purchase the item. Affiliated links do not affect the integrity of any items shared or the post.

With love, Claire


  1. I’ve never shopped on Shein but my daughter did and the pieces looked lovely and durable. I like that you had a wonderful 2023 and I wish you and the family blessed year.

    • Thank you for dropping by, Mecah! Yes, Shein does have lovely and durable pieces – she’s lucky to have received good-quality items from the site!

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