It’s weird writing this because it feels surreal that 9 months can fly by so quickly. I remember feeling like I was at a standstill during my first trimester, just hoping for the best, and my second trimester flew by so quickly. Now we’re in the last trimester! 


Week 28: Not much this week. We went to Build-a-Bear to get a little teddy bear with the baby’s heartbeat sound bit inserted in the bear. We ended up getting three bears: 2 for the grandparents, and 1 for the baby (which means for me in the long run, haha).

Week 29: Got my Tdap vaccine!

Week 30: I started baby kick counts.

Week 31: Busy week! We had our mini “baby shower” with our closest friends. I originally didn’t even want a baby shower so it was more of a “baby celebration” at best. This week was also our first day of prenatal classes. I also tested positive for BV again… and was advised by our midwife that I didn’t have to do any baby counts since my pregnancy is healthy. 

Week 32: Started cream for BV, which is more aggressive than the pills. Feeling more movements and my midwife confirmed the baby is progressing further down. Managed to squeeze in a teeth-cleaning session.

Week 33: Somehow caught a cold but was able to use Vick’s, Tylenol, and Robitussin (cleared by my midwife). Insane lightning crotch!! My midwife confirmed the baby is well into my pelvis.

Week 34: Officially on maternity leave! I did another swab for BV which came back negative, thank goodness because BV has been with me since the start of my pregnancy and I’m very grateful that it did not impact my pregnancy at all. Purchased dates to help ripen my cervix as suggested by Tiktok (yes, yes… I know! No harm in trying dates though)! Purchased some postpartum stuff such as overnight pads.

Week 35: We broke our final nesting tasks into weeks to keep us occupied – this week was cleaning everything in the condo such as the bathroom, kitchen, cloth diapers, clothes, etc. Also experiencing a lot more lightning crotch. Increased frequency of bathroom breaks. Experienced some gas pain (thank you, Gas X!) and several bowel movements a day which I read could be a sign that labour is around the corner…

Week 36: Finished prenatal classes! Honestly, if you’re considering whether to take prenatal classes or not, trust me, they’re worth it! I felt much more reassured and confident about my upcoming labour and the basics of newborn care. We also finished our birth plan. Did the group b strep test. My midwife got me started on the 90-mile circuit to help the baby get into a better position. After much thought, we booked a newborn photo shoot! This week, we also meal-prepped a week’s worth of food.

Final outing before the baby arrives!

Week 37: My Braxton hicks contractions are more frequent and more intense. I also celebrated my 30th birthday which is very low-key considering where I am at my pregnancy. I never thought I would welcome my 30s like this! I received the test results for my group B strep test which is negative! I also found out that a new sensation I have been feeling was the baby’s hiccups!

Week 38: Midwife appointment – discussed performing a membrane sweep at week 40 if I do not enter labour in the coming week or so. All nesting is officially done. To help induce labour, we started daily nipple stimulation and I was eating more spicy foods. Welp, my nipple piercings are officially gone to prep for nipple stimulation and breastfeeding; I don’t think I have it in me to get them re-pierced down the line. 

Week 39: Went and got my COVID booster and flu vaccine.

Week 39 + 4 days: Went into labour! A full labour experience post will be up in the weeks to come 🙂

I look horrendous but this is the first picture of me and Theo.

Week 40: At home with a healthy baby boy!

With love, Claire


  1. So many congratulations to you; what a really beautiful boy you have! It’s amazing to read all the things you experienced (hiccuping babies in the womb sounds incredible). It must have seemed like it all flew by overall, it’s great you got to document it! Also … Happy 30th!

    • Thank you so much, Molly! It’s been great being able to document it all since I’m already reminiscing about the early days. The baby boy was a great 30th birthday present!

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