Spring is just around the corner, and with warmer days, we’re more inclined to go out and have some fun, and let loose, but in today’s economy, it’s easy to feel like having fun can cost a fortune.

Here are several ways to financially party smarter because it is possible to have fun without breaking the bank!

1. Stop by the lounges or pubs, not the clubs

The first thing that comes to mind for the weekends is probably hitting the hottest club(s) in town.
Clubs often include paying for coverage AND coat check (unless you opt to freeze without a jacket) and usually overpriced drinks. The music is so loud, you can’t even talk to your friends, and the place is probably so crowded, you’ll lose your group!

Instead, change the scenery from clubs to lounges or pubs. There is often no coverage or coat check fees. The drinks are much cheaper. These places usually play great music, loud enough to hear the lyrics and low enough to hear your friends. Not to mention, lounges and pubs are a great alternative to meet people. Some places even have a dance floor with a live DJ or band later in the evening!

2. Stop taking taxis

Taxis are expensive unless you’re lucky enough to live in the same place as your friends to split the cab ride. When it’s time to go home, consider alternatives such as late-night transit, or taxi alternatives like Uber and Lyft, which are generally cheaper than taxis. If you are sober, consider car-sharing services such as Evo and Modo to get home.

3. Stop buying drinks for everyone (or limit to one round)

I wholeheartedly agree with treating your friend to a shot or two when you’re celebrating them but don’t feel the pressure to buy for the entire group. Many assume the next person will buy the next round, but that usually doesn’t happen. As awful as this sounds, that friend probably couldn’t care less that you’re buying another round, because that means they’re not buying drinks for everyone which means more money for them.

Buy shots for yourself, or limit yourself to only one round for your friends. Once you start buying them for your group, they’ll expect you to do the same for the rest of the night.

4. Avoid cocktails

Skip those fruity cocktails that are eating up your bank account. Cocktails are fun but consider switching to beer. Not only is beer cheaper, but it comes in a bigger bottle/glass for half the price and they taste great too! If you are in the mood for cocktails, try to limit yourself to one or two.

5. Keep items with you at all times

The amount of things my friends “misplace” when they’re drunk is such a waste of money! If you anticipate drinking a lot, give your valuables to your friends to look after them. I’ve been to many parties where people would leave their phones on a table and forget about it.

I like to carry a smaller bag when I head out for the night. Not only is it small enough to stay with me at all times, but it’s small enough so I consider only the necessities for the night. A small crossbody bag is safer than a clutch.

6. Withdraw cash beforehand

Clubs, lounges, pubs, etc. now all take major credit/debit cards but for the entrance fee and coat checks? Probably cash only. Withdraw $50 or so at your local bank or a no-fee ATM to avoid paying the premium ATM fees when you’re forced to use the ATM in the corner.

7. Pre-drink before heading out

When I was younger, it was common to meet up at someone’s place to pre-drink before the night started. It’s cheaper to grab alcohol from the store than pay a premium at the clubs/pubs. Just remember to not get too drunk as many bouncers would not let you into the venue if you’re too drunk!

Do you have a favourite method to save money when you go out and party? Let me know below!
Have a great weekend and stay safe!

With love, Claire

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